Sports Broadcasters and Writers


From the early years of the 20th century to the present, thousands of Greeks have been involved in all facets of sports broadcasting and journalism. The following list reflect those living and deceased alumni from NIC member fraternities who have made their mark as play-by-play announcers, color commentators, network executives, newspaper beat reporters, columnists and authors. Some men have achieved success in a variety of media activities on the air or in print:


Marv Albert (Sigma Alpha Mu)—TV play-by-play

Mel Allen (Zeta Beta Tau)—Radio & TV play-by-play

Julius Arey (Chi Psi)—Columnist, reporter

Roone Arledge (Phi Gamma Delta)—President of ABC Sports

Dave Baker (Kappa Alpha Order)—Radio play-by-play, color commentator

Dave Barnett (Lambda Chi Alpha)—TV play-by-play

Tony Barnhart (Delta Tau Delta)—TV analyst, columnist, author

Skip Bayless (Phi Kappa Sigma)—TV commentator, columnist, author

Andy Bean (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)—TV analyst
Ben Becker (Delta Chi) —TV anchorman, commentator
Len Berman (Tau Delta Phi) —TV anchor, commentator

Furman Bisher (Chi Psi)—Columnist, author

George Bodenheimer (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)—President ABC Sports, ESPN

Craig Bolerjack (Delta Upsilon)—TV play-by-play

Lou Boudreau (Phi Sigma Kappa)—TV & radio color commentator

Jim Bouton (Delta Sigma Phi)—Author

Terry Bowden (Phi Kappa Psi)—TV color commentator/analyst

Terry Bradshaw (Tau Kappa Epsilon)—TV analyst

Jim Brandstatter (Beta Theta Pi)—TV & radio color commentator/analyst

Thom Brennaman (Beta Theta Pi)—TV play-by-play

Marty Brennaman (Kappa Alpha Order)—TV play-by-play

John Brodie (Zeta Psi)—TV color commentator

Bob Broeg (Sigma Phi Epsilon)—Columnist, author

Tom Brookshier (Phi Gamma Delta)—TV color commentator

Bill Brown (Phi Kappa Psi)—TV & radio color play-by-play

Joe Buck (Sigma Nu)—TV play-by-play

Chris Burford (Delta Tau Delta)—Radio color commentator

Bob Burns (Delta Sigma Phi)—Columnist, writer

Dave Campbell (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)—TV color commentator/analyst

Skip Caray (Phi Gamma Delta)—TV play-by-play

Joe Castiglione (Alpha Delta Phi)—Radio play-by-play

Jimmy Cefalo (Phi Gamma Delta)—TV color commentator/analyst

Ty Cobb (Sigma Nu)—Columnist, radio play-by-play, P.A. announcer

Bud Collins (Alpha Tau Omega)—TV color commentator/analyst

Cris Collinsworth (Alpha Tau Omega)—TV color commentator/analyst

Lee Corso (Alpha Tau Omega)—TV color commentator/analyst
Bill Creasy (Alpha Tau Omega) —TV anchorman

Ed Cunningham (Phi Gamma Delta)—TV color commentator/analyst

Howard Cosell (Pi Lambda Phi)—TV & radio commentator/analyst

Len Dawson (Alpha Tau Omega)—TV anchorman, analyst

Dave Dickerson (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)—TV & radio play-by-play, anchor

Doug Dieken (Sigma Chi)—Radio color commentator

Larry Dierker (Lambda Chi Alpha)—TV color commentator/analyst

Mike Ditka (Sigma Chi)—TV analyst

Vince Doria (Delta Tau Delta)—ESPN vice president & director of news

Eddie Doucette (Sigma Nu)—TV play-by-play

Chuck Drazenovich (Delta Upsilon)—Radio color commentator

Ian Eagle (Zeta Psi) —Radio/TV anchorman, commentator
Kerry Eggers (Delta Tau Delta)
—Columnist, reporter

Rich Eisen (Pi Kappa Phi)—TV anchorman

Dick Enberg (Phi Sigma Kappa)—TV play-by-play
Neil Everett (Beta Theta Pi)—TV anchorman

Terry Ewert (Sigma Nu)—TV producer

Ron Fairley (Acacia)—TV & radio color commentator/analyst

Max Falkenstein (Beta Theta Pi)—TV & radio play-by-play, analyst

Bob Finnegan (Phi Kappa Psi)—P.A. announcer (White Sox)

Bill Fleming (Delta Tau Delta)—TV play-by-play, analyst, anchorman

Chet Forte (Beta Theta Pi)—TV producer

Ron Franklin (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)—TV play-by-play

Randy Galloway (Kappa Alpha Order)—Columnist, radio talk show host 

Peter Gammons (Delta Psi)—TV analyst; columnist

Rich Gannon (Sigma Phi Epsilon)—TV color commentator, analyst

Joe Goddard (Delta Tau Delta)—Columnist

Lee Gordon (Pi Kappa Alpha)—Anchor, reporter

Curt Gowdy (Alpha Tau Omega)—TV play-by-play

Frank Gifford (Phi Sigma Kappa)—TV & radio color commentator

Marty Glickman (Sigma Alpha Mu)—Radio & TV play-by-play

Frank Glieber (Theta Xi)—TV play-by-play

Bob Goodrich (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)—TV producer

Dillon Graham (Pi Kappa Alpha)—Columnist, reporter

George Grande (Kappa Alpha Order)—TV play-by-play

Harold “Red” Grange (Zeta Psi)—TV color commentator

Ross Greenburg (Phi Kappa Psi)—President of HBO Sports  

Bob Griese (Sigma Chi)—TV color commentator/analyst

John Hall (Delta Tau Delta)—Columnist

Tom Hammond (Kappa Alpha Order)—TV play-by-play

Brian Hammonds (Lambda Chi Alpha)—Sportscaster 

Kevin Harlin (Sigma Chi)—TV play-by-play

Jim Hart (Tau Kappa Epsilon)—Radio color commentator

Ernie Harwell (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)—TV and radio play-by-play

Scott Hastings (Lambda Chi Alpha)—TV color commentator/analyst

Alex Hawkins (Pi Kappa Alpha)—TV color commentator/analyst

Tom Hedrick (Delta Tau Delta)—Radio play-by-play

Don Heinrich (Sigma Nu)—TV & radio color commentator/analyst

Mark Helmer (Theta Xi)—Radio anchor; P.A. announcer (LA Clippers)

Brian Hewitt (Delta Tau Delta)—Golf Channel anchor, author, columnist

Herman Hickman (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)—TV color commentator

Chuck Howard (Beta Theta Pi)—TV producer  

Waite Hoyt (Chi Psi)—Radio play-by-play

Jim Hunstein (Sigma Chi)—Writer & author

Marshall Hunt (Phi Gamma Delta)—Columnist, reporter

Tunch Ilkin (Theta Chi)—Radio color commentator

Keith Jackson (Alpha Tau Omega)—TV play-by-play

Joe Jares (Kappa Alpha Order)—Columnist, writer

Dave Jennings (Sigma Chi)—Radio color commentator

Bill Jones (Sigma Phi Epsilon)—play-by-play, anchor 

Sonny Jurgensen (Kappa Alpha Order)—TV color commentator/analyst

Adrian Karsten (Sigma Chi)—TV analyst

Johnny Kerr (Phi Kappa Psi)—TV color commentator/analyst

Jerry Kramer (Sigma Nu)—TV color commentator/analyst

Dave Kocourek (Phi Gamma Delta)—Radio color commentator

Sandy Koufax (Pi Lambda Phi)—TV color commentator

Duane Kuiper (Tau Kappa Epsilon)—TV color commentator
Ray Lane (Lambda Chi Alpha) —Radio/TV play-by-play, commentator

Jim Laslavic (Phi Gamma Delta)—TV anchorman/analyst

Ted Leitner (Phi Kappa Tau)—Radio play-by-play

Bob Leonard (Delta Tau Delta)—Radio color commentator/analyst

Marv Levy (Tau Kappa Epsilon)—TV analyst

Josh Lewin (Lambda Chi Alpha)—TV play-by-play, author

Bob Lobel (Phi Gamma Delta)—TV anchorman

Stanley Lomax (Theta Delta Chi)—Radio play-by-play, commentator

Gary Long (Kappa Delta Rho)—Writer

Greg Lucas (Lambda Chi Alpha)—TV play-by-play

Frank Luksa (Delta Sigma Phi)—Columnist, writer, author

Bill Macatee (Delta Tau Delta)—TV play-by-play

Jim Mandich (Beta Theta Pi)—Radio color commentator

Archie Manning (Sigma Nu)—Radio color commentator/analyst

Geoff Mason (Beta Theta Pi)—TV producer

Tom Matte (Phi Gamma Delta)—TV color commentator/analyst

Denny Matthews (Sigma Chi)—TV play-by-play
Jack McCallum (Alpha Tau Omega) —feature writer, author

Tim McCarver (Kappa Alpha Order)—TV color commentator/analyst

Jon McGlocklin (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)—TV color commentator/analyst
Randy McIlvoy (Delta Tau Delta)—TV anchorman

Sean McManus (Theta Chi)—President of CBS Sports 

Cory McPherrin (Sigma Chi)—TV anchorman

Steve Melnyk (Alpha Tau Omega)—TV analyst

Al Michaels (Sigma Nu)—TV play-by-play

Cary Middlecoff (Kappa Alpha Order)—TV analyst 

Leigh Montville (Phi Sigma Kappa)—Magazine writer, author

David Norrie (Sigma Nu)—TV color commentator/analyst

Sam Nover (Sigma Alpha Mu)—TV play-by-play

Woody Paige (Lambda Chi Alpha)—TV analyst, columnist

Jim Palmer (Sigma Chi)—TV color commentator/analyst

Russ Pate (Phi Kappa Psi)—Columnist, writer

Wes Parker (Sigma Chi)—TV color commentator/analyst
Jim Plunkett (Delta Tau Delta)—Radio commentator/analyst

Pat O’Brien (Delta Tau Delta)—TV anchorman

Merlin Olsen (Sigma Chi)—TV color commentator/analyst

Bob Ortegal (Lambda Chi Alpha)—TV color commentator/analyst
Woody Paige (Lambda Chi Alpha)—Sportswriter, commentator  

Dan Patrick (Phi Sigma Kappa)—TV anchorman, commentator

Richard “Digger” Phelps (Tau Kappa Epsilon)—TV color commentator

Bill Pidto (Delta Chi)—TV anchorman

Robert Pille (Sigma Chi)-sportswriter, columnist

Ross Porter (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)—TV play-by-play

Jay Randolph (Delta Tau Delta)—TV play-by-play

William Rasmussen (Lambda Chi Alpha)—Co-founder of ESPN

Dave Revsine (Phi Gamma Delta)—TV anchorman
Jerry Romig (Tau Kappa Epsilon) —Radio play-by-play

Jim Ross (Phi Lambda Chi)—TV anchorman, commentator

Kyle Rote, Sr. (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)—TV color commentator

Bill Russell (Kappa Alpha Psi)—TV color commentator/analyst

Jim Russell (Delta Tau Delta)—Writer/editor

Jim Ryan (Sigma Nu)—Radio color commentator

Ed Sabol (Tau Epsilon Phi)—Creator of NFL Films

Craig Sager (Delta Tau Delta)—TV analyst, anchorman

Sean Salisbury (Delta Chi)—TV color commentator/analyst

Ron Santo (Lambda Chi Alpha)—TV & radio color commentator/analyst

Ken Schanzer (Phi Kappa Psi)—President of NBC Sports

Chris Schenkel (Phi Sigma Kappa)—TV & radio play-by-play

Jackson Scholz (Kappa Alpha Order)—Author

Stuart Scott (Alpha Phi Alpha)—TV anchorman/analyst

Joe Senser (Sigma Phi Epsilon)—Radio color commentator
Brad Sham (Alpha Epsilon Pi)Radio & TV play-by-play
Leonard Shapiro (Sigma Chi) —writer, columnist

Chet Simmons (Alpha Epsilon Pi)—Co-founder of ESPN

Phil Simms (Tau Kappa Epsilon)—TV color commentator/analyst

Jim Simpson (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)—TV play-by-play

Stan Smith (Beta Theta Pi)—TV color commentator/analyst
Marty Snider (Delta Sigma Phi) —NASCAR reporter

Lary Sorensen (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)—TV color commentator/analyst

Mark Spitz (Phi Kappa Psi)—TV color commentator/analyst

Paul Splittorff (Delta Sigma Phi)—TV & radio color commentator/analyst

Steve Stewart (Sigma Chi)—TV anchorman, commentator

Steve Stone (Alpha Epsilon Pi)—TV color commentator/analyst

Hank Stram (Sigma Chi)—TV & radio color commentator

Dennis Swanson (Sigma Chi)—Former president of ABC Sports

Fran Tarkenton (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)—TV color commentator/analyst

Joe Tate (Tau Kappa Epsilon)—Radio & TV play-by-play

Tony Trabert (Sigma Chi)—TV color commentator/analyst

Bob Trumpy (Sigma Chi)—TV color commentator/analyst

Wells Twombly (Delta Chi)—Author

Bobby Valentine (Sigma Chi)—TV analyst

Scott Van Pelt (Pi Kappa Alpha)—TV anchorman 

Richards Vidmer (Theta Delta Chi)—Columnist, writer

Matt Vasgersian (Chi Phi)—TV play-by-play

Stan Verrett (Alpha Phi Alpha)-TV anchorman

Lew Walter (Theta Delta Chi)—Columnist, reporter

Whit Watson (Phi Gamma Delta)—TV anchorman
George White (Delta Tau Delta)—Columnist, writer

Charles “Bud” Wilkinson (Psi Upsilon)—TV color commentator/analyst

Bobby Winkles (Sigma Chi)—TV & radio color commentator/analyst

Bob Wolff (Sigma Nu)—Radio & TV play-by-play

Stanley Woodward (Delta Kappa Epsilon)—Columnist, writer

Bill Worrell (Sigma Chi)—TV & radio play-by-play

Van Earl Wright (Chi Psi)—TV anchorman/ analyst

Sam Wyche (Kappa Alpha Order)—TV color commentator/analyst

Jack Youngblood (Alpha Tau Omega)—TV color commentator/analyst
Paul "Dr. Z" Zimmerman (Theta Chi) Columnist; feature writer