Greek Golfers


There have been hundreds of Greeks in the professional and amateur golf ranks since the 1930’s. The following is a list of pros and leading amateurs from NIC member fraternities who have played on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, PGA Senior Tour, Nationwide Tour, Ben Hogan Tour, Hooters Tour and national amateur events over the years:

Tommy Aaron—Kappa Alpha Order
Jerry Abbott—Sigma Nu
Rick Acton—Psi Upsilon
Ted Adams—Beta Theta Pi
Don Albert—Alpha Tau Omega
Jim Albus—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Dave Anthony—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Terry Anton—Pi Kappa Alpha
Tommy Armour, III—Phi Gamma Delta
Wally Armstrong—Pi Kappa Alpha
Merle Backlund—Beta Theta Pi
Andy Bean—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Notah Begay—Sigma Chi
Jim Benepe—Beta Theta Pi
Chris Blocker—Phi Gamma Delta
Lester Bolstad—Delta Kappa Epsilon
John Brodie—Zeta Psi
Kevin Burton—Beta Theta Pi
John Paul Cain—Phi Gamma Delta
Joe Campbell—Alpha Tau Omega
Dick Chapman—Delta Kappa Epsilon
Charlie Coe—Beta Theta Pi
Ben Crenshaw—Kappa Alpha Order
Dexter Cummings—Beta Theta Pi
Jesse Daley—Sigma Chi
Gardner Dickinson—Kappa Alpha Order
Luke Donald—Sigma Chi
Robert Donald—Sigma Chi
Bruce Douglass—Alpha Tau Omega
Skip Dunaway—Beta Theta Pi
Scott Dunlap—Delta Tau Delta
Dave Eichelberger—Sigma Phi Epsilon
Walter Emery—Sigma Chi
Randy Erskine—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Jim Ferree—Sigma Chi
Dow Finsterwald—Beta Theta Pi
John Fisher—Chi Psi
Scott Ford—Alpha Tau Omega
Bob Friend—Sigma Chi
Jim Gabrielson—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Ron Garcia—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Buddy Gardner—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Bill Garrett—Kappa Alpha Order
Al Geiberger—Kappa Alpha Order
Bill Gilbert—Phi Kappa Psi
Bob Gilder—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Dave Glenz—Theta Chi
Hubert Green—Pi Kappa Alpha
Fred Haas—Lambda Chi Alpha
Laurie Hammer—Phi Gamma Delta
Matt Hansen—Pi Kappa Alpha
Jim Hardy—Beta Theta Pi
Labron Harris—Alpha Tau Omega
Jerry Heard—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Brian Henninger—Alpha Tau Omega
Denny Hepler—Pi Kappa Alpha
Bill Hoffer—Phi Kappa Tau
Bob Huber—Pi Kappa Alpha
Travis Hudson—Phi Gamma Delta
Earl Humphries—Sigma Ch
Tom Inskeep—Beta Theta Pi
Hale Irwin—Phi Gamma Delta
Don January—Kappa Alpha Order
Brandt Jobe—Beta Theta Pi
Bobby Jones—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Grier Jones—Beta Theta Pi
Farid Khan—Chi Phi
Gary Koch—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Bill Kratzert—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Joel Kribel—Sigma Chi
Franklin Langham—Kappa Alpha Order
Gib Larsen—Sigma Chi
David Lind—Pi Kappa Alpha
Lawson Little—Chi Psi
Rosser Little—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Jim Logue—Beta Theta Pi
Lynn Lott—Kappa Alpha Order
Mark Lye—Theta Chi
Steve Marino—Beta Theta Pi
Casey Martin—Sigma Chi
Don Massengale—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Scott McCarron—Beta Theta Pi
Mike McCullough—Sigma Chi
Artie McNickle—Phi Kappa Tau
Eddie Merrins—Kappa Alpha Order
Cary Middlecoff—Kappa Alpha Order
Steve Melnyk—Alpha Tau Omega
Don Moe—Beta Theta Pi
Vaughn Moise—Kappa Alpha Order
Gil Morgan—Sigma Tau Gamma
Michael Muehr—Theta Chi
Bob Murphy—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Jimmy Nelson—Pi Kappa Alpha
Gary Nicklaus—Phi Gamma Delta
Jack Nicklaus—Phi Gamma Delta
Lonnie Nielsen—Pi Kappa Alpha
David Ojala—Phi Kappa Psi
Jerry Pate—Phi Gamma Delta
Billy Joe Patton—Kappa Alpha Order
Bill Pelham—Phi Gamma Delta
Peter Persons—Kappa Alpha Order
John Pitt—Kappa Alpha Order
Don Pooley—Sigma Nu
Joe Porter—Sigma Chi
Johnny Pott—Kappa Alpha Order
Tom Purtzer—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Jay Randolph—Delta Tau Delta
Dean Refram—Sigma Phi Epsilon
Rick Rhoads—Kappa Alpha Order
Kemp Richardson—Kappa Alpha Order
Larry Rinker—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Larry Romjue—Beta Theta Pi
Hugh Royer—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Bob Ruskin—Sigma Alpha Mu
Ed Sabo—Sigma Nu
Marty Schiene—Beta Theta Pi
John Schroeder—Lambda Chi Alpha
Tom Shaw—Theta Chi
Dave Sheff—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Denny Shutt—Phi Gamma Delta
Richard Sideroff—Beta Theta Pi
Jay Sigel—Kappa Alpha Order
Jim Simons—Kappa Alpha Order
Terry Small—Theta Chi
Bob E. Smith—Phi Kappa Tau
Maurice Smith—Beta Theta Pi
J.C. Snead—Sigma Phi Epsilon
Grant Spaeth—Beta Theta Pi
Bill Spannuth—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Hugh Starkweather—Alpha Tau Omega
Chip Stewart—Sigma Phi Epsilon
Payne Stewart—Phi Gamma Delta
Dave Stockton—Kappa Alpha Order
Alan Strange—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Bruce Summerhays—Sigma Chi
Bill Tindall—Beta Theta Pi
John Toepel—Alpha Tau Omega
Gary Treeter—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Tommy Valentine—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Harvey Ward—Zeta Psi
Tom Watson—Alpha Sigma Phi
Jack Westlund—Psi Upsilon
Jim White—Phi Gamma Delta
Web Wilder—Beta Theta Pi
Evan Williams—Lambda Chi Alpha
Bo Winninger—Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Bob Zender—Alpha Tau Omega

If any other Greek golfers belong on this list, please contact us so their names can be added.