Basketball Hall of Fame Greeks


Here are Greeks from NIC member fraternities who are members of the Naismith

Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA (the list includes alumnus and honorary initiates):


Arnold "Red" Auerbach (Tau Epsilon Phi) coach

Forrest "Phog" Allen (Phi Kappa Psi) coach
Nate "Tiny" Archibald (Alpha Phi Alpha) player

Justin "Sam" Barry (Delta Upsilon) coach

Elgin Baylor (Kappa Alpha Psi) player

Clair Bee (Delta Sigma Phi) contributor
Walt Bellamy (Alpha Phi Alpha) player

Dave Bing (Sigma Alpha Mu) player

Jim Boeheim (Delta Upsilon) coach

Larry Brown (Lambda Chi Alpha) coach

John Bunn (Beta Theta Pi) contributor

Howard Cann (Phi Gamma Delta) coach

Clifford Carlson (Phi Gamma Delta) coach

Lou Carnesecca (Tau Kappa Epsilon) coach

Pete Carril (Delta Tau Delta) coach

Wilt Chamberlain (Kappa Alpha Psi) player

Jerry Colangelo (Phi Kappa Psi) contributor

Denny Crum (Phi Kappa Sigma) coach

Everett Dean (Alpha Tau Omega) coach
Wayne Embry (Alpha Phi Alpha) contributor

Alex English (Kappa Alpha Psi) player

Harry Fisher (Theta Delta Chi) contributor

Ed Diddle (Beta Theta Pi) coach

Bruce Drake (Alpha Tau Omega) coach

Dave Gavitt (Beta Theta Pi) contributor

Gail Goodrich (Beta Theta Pi) player

Cliff Hagan (Sigma Nu) player

Vic Hanson (Zeta Psi) player

Elvin Hayes (Iota Phi Theta) player

Paul "Tony" Hinkle (Alpha Tau Omega) contributor

Bob Houbregs (Alpha Sigma Phi) player

Chuck Hyatt (Phi Gamma Delta) player

Henry "Hank" Iba (Lambda Chi Alpha) coach

Edward "Ned" Irish (Delta Upsilon) contributor

Dan Issel (Pi Kappa Alpha) player
Phil Jackson (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) coach

Harry "Buddy" Jeannette (Lambda Chi Alpha) player

Sam Jones (Kappa Alpha Psi) player

Alvin "Doggie" Julian (Phi Kappa Psi) coach

Frank Kearney (Lambda Chi Alpha) coach

Bob Kurland (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) player

Ward "Piggy" Lambert (Delta Tau Delta) coach

Emil Liston (Sigma Phi Epsilon) contributor

Ken Loeffler (Sigma Phi Epsilon) coach

Arthur "Dutch" Lonborg (Sigma Chi) coach

Clyde Lovelette (Sigma Chi) player

Jerry Lucas (Beta Theta Pi) player

Angelo "Hank" Luisetti (Delta Kappa Epsilon) player

"Easy" Ed Macauley (Phi Kappa Theta) player

"Pistol" Pete Maravich (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) player

Frank McGuire (Phi Kappa Sigma) coach

Walter Meanwell (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) contributor

Ray Meyer (Phi Kappa Theta) coach

Ralph Miller (Phi Kappa Psi) coach

William Mokray (Theta Chi) contributor

Ralph Morgan (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) contributor

Calvin Murphy (Iota Phi Theta) player

Charles "Stretch" Murphy (Delta Tau Delta) player

Dr. James Naismith (Sigma Phi Epsilon) contributor

Pete Newell (Phi Kappa Tau) coach

Harlan "Pat" Page (Delta Tau Delta) player

Bob Pettit (Delta Kappa Epsilon) player

Andy Phillip (Delta Tau Delta) player

Jim Pollard Delta Kappa Epsilon) player

Ernest Quigley (Sigma Chi) referee

Frank Ramsey (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) player

William Reid (Phi Gamma Delta) contributor

Oscar Robertson (Kappa Alpha Psi) player

Bill Russell (Kappa Alpha Psi) player

Abe Saperstein (Alpha Epsilon Pi) contributor

Lynn St. John (Alpha Tau Omega) contributor

John Schommer (Phi Kappa Sigma) player

Dean Smith (Phi Gamma Delta) coach

Amos Alonzo Stagg (Psi Upsilon) contributor

Maurice Stokes (Tau Kappa Epsilon) player

John Thompson (Sigma Chi) player

Oswald Tower (Phi Gamma Delta) contributor

Wes Unseld (Alpha Phi Alpha) player

Lenny Wilkens (Alpha Phi Alpha) player, coach

Morgan Wootten (Kappa Alpha Order) coach

John Wooden (Beta Theta Pi) player and coach

George Yardley (Phi Kappa Psi) player


If other Greek Hall of Famer inductees belong on this list, please contact us so their names can be added.