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Be a part of the premier leadership experience for undergraduate fraternity men and sorority women. At UIFI, students are given the opportunity and skills to envision and create a new and exciting future for fraternity and sorority life that is grounded in shared fraternal values as well as courageous, ethical leadership. read more

NIC Recognition Programs

The NIC recognizes fraternity men, chapters and councils that advocate for the fraternity experience, collaborate with stakeholders, and educate others to live by their values. read more

2014 NIC Annual Meeting

The 2014 Annual Meeting will be held April 6-7th in Atlanta. read more

Coalition Assessment Project

The Coalition Assessment Project is designed to advance the fraternity and sorority movement within colleges and universities across North America. read more


The purpose of IMPACT is to enable fraternity and sorority communities to address their current reality and assist students in developing the skills necessary to confront their challenges and positively elevate their community. read more

The Jon Williamson FUTURES QUEST®

At Futures Quest, fraternity men will work to discover their priorities and goals, explore their dreams and aspirations, and navigate through uncharted territory so that they can be prepared to achieve success on their lifelong journey as a fraternity man. read more


The fraternal movement started when our founders came together to form our organizations. Today, that movement continues through the leadership of the Interfraternity Council on your campus. Are you prepared to carry the torch? Is your Council ready to lead your Greek Community through shared values? Does IFC have relevance on your campus? In just one day at IFC Academy, your Council executives can gain the skills and tools necessary to be effective, motivated, and prepared to propel your campus in a values-based direction. read more

Alumni Academy

Perfectly suited for fraternity conventions or special campus seminars, this day-long seminar helps reintroduce alumni to the fraternity, teaches participants about today's college student and today's fraternity issues, and provides skills that will enable participants to maximize their volunteer effectiveness within the fraternity advising structure. read more

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