Presidents In Fraternities


There are a significant number of fraternity men that have served the United States of America as President. The following denotes members of social fraternities that have served as President. At this date 44% of U.S. Presidents have held fraternity membership.

Rutherford B. Hayes - Delta Kappa Epsilon, Kenyon College

James Garfield - Delta Upsilon, Williams College

Chester A. Arthur – Psi Upsilon, Union College

Grover Cleveland – Sigma Chi*

Benjamin Harrison – Phi Delta Theta & Delta Chi, Miami University

William McKinley – Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Mount Union College

Theodore Roosevelt - Delta Kappa Epsilon & Alpha Delta Phi

William Howard Taft - Psi Upsilon, Yale

Woodrow Wilson - Phi Kappa Psi, University of Virginia

Calvin Coolidge - Phi Gamma Delta, Amherst College

Franklin D. Roosevelt - Alpha Delta Phi, Harvard

Harry S. Truman – Alpha Delta Gamma & Lambda Chi Alpha*

Dwight D. Eisenhower – Tau Epsilon Phi*

John F. Kennedy - Phi Kappa Theta, Harvard*

Gerald Ford - Delta Kappa Epsilon, University of Michigan

Ronald Reagan - Tau Kappa Epsilon, Eureka College

George H. W. Bush - Delta Kappa Epsilon, Yale

Bill Clinton – Phi Beta Sigma*

George W. Bush - Delta Kappa Epsilon, Yale


* initiated as an alumnus




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