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Aug 8

Why The NIC Doesn’t Rank Fraternities

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The North-American Interfraternity Conference does not rank its member fraternities. As the trade association for 75 international and national men's fraternities we advocate, collaborate and educate to create environments where fraternities can thrive. Ranking of our fraternities goes against the Conference's spirit of collaboration and, frankly, the concept of determining the "rank" is impossible to calculate.

In the College Rankings 2012 series, Newsweek and The Daily Beast formulated a list of the Top 25 Fraternities based on some combination of number of chapters, dollars from the foundation, number of presidents and congressmen. This data was pulled from public sources of information with varying degrees of accuracy. These subjective rankings frequently take place in the media, in online forums, and in campus coffee shops. The good news is that many of the readers see through the arbitrary rankings used by The Daily Beast throughout this series, based on their comments on the site and in discussions we have seen online. Some fraternity men are irritated, agitated and mad. Others are happy and proud of their ranking.

All fraternity men should be proud of their membership. Don't let the defining or ranking impact the value of your membership. Be the best fraternity man you can be. Work to build and improve your chapter so that each man is better as a result. We all need to keep sharing the real value of fraternity membership. A man should consider all components of the fraternity in order to find the best organization for his growth and development. Ultimately, the congruence of his values with those espoused by the fraternity should be the leading factor.

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