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Jan 11

NIC 2012 All-Fraternity All-American Football Teams

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NIC's 2012 All-Fraternity All-American Football TeamsThe North-American Interfraternity Conference is pleased to announce first teams and honorable mention lists for both NCAA Division I FBS/FCS schools and Divisions II/III & NAIA schools. Among the honorees are Johnny Unitas Award finalist EJ Manuel of Florida State; Orange Bowl MVP Lonnie Pryor of Florida State; Gagliardi Trophy finalist and top college scorer Luke Heinsohn of Washington and Lee; Walter Payton Award finalist Gavin McCarney of Colgate; and Academic All-Americans Chris Looney of Colgate and Ethan Peterson of M.I.T. Nominations were submitted by fraternity headquarters, Greek advisors, sports information staffs at schools and by interested individuals. Joining Jay Langhammer of Delta Tau Delta on the selection panel were former NIC Executive V-P Jon Williamson of Lambda Chi Alpha, Charlie Barnes of Pi Kappa Alpha and Bill Simpson of Theta Chi.



Urban Meyer, Sigma Chi of 12-0 Ohio State


Quarterback-EJ Manuel, Pi Kappa Alpha-Florida State
Back-Gavin McCartney, Delta Upsilon-Colgate
Back-Marcorus Garrett, Sigma Chi-Columbia
Back-Lonnie Pryor, Pi Kappa Alpha-Florida State
Receiver-Chris Looney, Delta Upsilon-Colgate
Receiver-Ryan Spadola, Chi Psi-Lehigh
Lineman-Nathan Bernstein, Theta Delta Chi-Brown
Lineman-Avery Fuhs, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Drake
Lineman-Zack McKnight, Pi Kappa Alpha-Arkansas State
Lineman-Ryan Risch, Delta Upsilon-Colgate
Center-Brian Moore, Kappa Alpha Order-Duke


Lineman-Cassius Marsh, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-UCLA
Lineman-Tim Starson, Pi Kappa Alpha-Arkansas State
Lineman-Michael Yules, Theta Delta Chi-Brown
Linebacker-Christian Jones, Pi Kappa Alpha-Florida State
Linebacker-Hayes Pullard, Sigma Chi-Southern California
Linebacker-Seth Allison, Pi Kappa Alpha-Central Arkansas
Linebacker-Steve Zambetti, Theta Delta Chi-Brown
Back-Terrence Brooks, Pi Kappa Alpha-Florida State
Back-Chad Frey, Delta Upsilon-Colgate
Back-Emory Polley, Theta Delta Chi-Brown
Back-Wendell Lewis, Delta Upsilon-Colgate


FGs, X-P-Jordan Williamson, Delta Tau Delta-Stanford
Punter-Alex King, Kappa Alpha Order-Texas (initiated at Duke)
Kickoffs-Cade Foster, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Alabama
Deep Snaps-Ben Bredthauer, Phi Gamma Delta-Texas A&M
Kick Holder-John Crofoot, Sigma Chi-Florida

Division I FBS/FCS Offense Honorable Mention

QBs/RBs-QB Ryan Aplin, Pi Kappa Alpha-Arkansas State; RB Zack Barkett, Delta Upsilon-Lehigh; QB Casey Brockman, Pi Kappa Alpha-Murray State; QB Patrick Donnelly, Theta Delta Chi-Brown; QB Kaleb Griffin, Kappa Alpha Order-Presbyterian; QB Kevin Hogan, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Stanford; QB DeNarius McGhee, Pi Kappa Alpha-Montana State; QB Mike Piatkowski, Pi Kappa Alpha-Drake
Receivers-Daniel Cason, Delta Upsilon-Colgate; Hamilton Garner, Sigma Chi-Columbia; Will King, Kappa Alpha Order-Furman; Tellef Lundevall, Theta Delta Chi-Brown; Kevin Marshall, Pi Kappa Alpha-Drake; Connor Nelligan, Sigma Chi-Columbia; Kurt Ondash, Sigma Nu-Cornell; Nick Rosa, Pi Kappa Alpha-Drake
Tackles/Guards-Patrick Austin, Theta Delta Chi-Brown; Craig Capodiferro, Delta Upsilon-Colgate; Sean Cascarano, Kappa Alpha Order-Virginia; Brian Crockett, Delta Upsilon-Colgate; Tim Fowler, Pi Kappa Alpha-Presbyterian; Wes Gavin, Delta Kappa Epsilon-Yale; David Gottschalk, Pi Kappa Alpha-SMU; Cole Hooper, Theta Delta Chi-Brown; Jonathan Landry, Pi Kappa Alpha-McNeese State; Andrew Ratliff, Kappa Alpha Order-Stephen F. Austin; Andrew Scarmardo, Delta Upsilon-Colgate; Jake Smith, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Louisville; Mason Y'Barbo, Sigma Chi-North Texas
Centers-Matthew Miller, Theta Delta Chi-Brown; John Oppenheimer, Delta Kappa Epsilon-Yale; Marshall Paris, Delta Tau Delta-Southeastern Louisiana

Division I FBS/FCS Defense Honorable Mention

Linemen-Bronson Green, Theta Delta Chi-Dartmouth; Chris Horner, Delta Upsilon-Colgate; Tracey Smith, Sigma Chi-Bucknell; Ross Walthall, Theta Delta Chi-Brown
Linebackers-Daniel Davis, Beta Theta Pi-Pennsylvania; Zach Delaney, Phi Gamma Delta-San Diego; Patrick Friel, Delta Upsilon-Colgate; Bryce Hager, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Baylor; Nick Moody, Pi Kappa Alpha-Florida State; Kaleb Muse, Delta Tau Delta-Southeastern Louisiana; Garrett Wymore, Theta Delta Chi-Dartmouth; Jordan Zumwalt, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-UCLA
Backs-Jonathan Mpoutu, Delta Upsilon-Colgate

Division I FBS/FCS Honorable Mention Specialists

Field goals/Extra Points-Andrew Burgess, Delta Upsilon-Colgate; Sean Cobelli, Phi Gamma Delta-Bucknell; Nick Diaz, Pi Kappa Alpha-Utah State; Luke Eddy, Sigma Chi-Columbia; James Esco, Pi Kappa Alpha-Jacksonville State; Mitch Ewald, Beta Theta Pi-Indiana; Jack Griffin, Pi Kappa Alpha-Florida International; Drew Jarrett, Pi Kappa Alpha-Virginia; Cody Journell, Pi Kappa Epsilon-Virginia Tech; Alexander Norocea, Theta Delta Chi-Brown; Bobby Zalud, Pi Kappa Alpha-Cal Poly SLO
Punters-Spencer Benton, Sigma Nu-Clemson; Paul Delaney, Sigma Chi-Columbia; Evan Goldszak, Delta Upsilon-Colgate; A.J. Hughes, Pi Kappa Alpha-Virginia Tech; Richard Kent, Phi Gamma Delta-Vanderbilt; Drake Kuhn, Pi Kappa Alpha-William & Mary; Scott Lopano, Delta Tau Delta-Pennsylvania; Mason Puckett, Delta Tau Delta-Northern Colorado; Bobby Zalud, Pi Kappa Alpha-Cal Poly SLO
Kickoffs-Jack Griffin, Pi Kappa Alpha-Florida International; Jordan Williamson, Delta Tau Delta-Stanford
Deep Snappers-Brian Chacon, Sigma Chi-Arizona; Courtland Clavette, Theta Delta Chi-Brown; Jeff Goyette, Phi Gamma Delta-Bucknell; Jeremy Singler, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Memphis; Joe St. Germain, Pi Kappa Alpha-Virginia Tech
Kick Holders-Spencer Benton, Sigma Nu-Clemson; Chris Conley, Pi Kappa Alpha-Mississippi; Scott Lopano, Delta Tau Delta-Pennsylvania

Division I FBS/FCS Honorable Mention Coaches

Dick Biddle, Kappa Alpha Order-Colgate
Jimbo Fisher, Pi Kappa Alpha-Florida State
Jim Mora, Jr. Lambda Chi Alpha-UCLA
Will Muschamp, Kappa Alpha Order-Florida
Bill Snyder, Phi Gamma Delta-Kansas State
Frank Solich, Sigma Nu-Ohio
Steve Spurrier,Alpha Tau Omega-South Carolina
Charlie Strong, Phi Beta Sigma-Louisville
Dabo Swinney, Pi Kappa Alpha-Clemson
Jeff Voris, Delta Tau Delta-Butler

NCAA Divisions II/III-NAIA First Team

Coach of the Year
Joseph Smith, Theta Chi of 11-1 Linfield


Quarterback-Mike Hermann, Theta Chi-R.P.I.
Running Back-Luke Heinsohn, Kappa Alpha Order-Washington & Lee
Running Back-Justin Wallace, Delta Kappa Epsilon-M.I.T.
Receiver-James Gladstone, Kappa Alpha Order-Westminster MO
Receiver-Tim Kitka, Beta Theta Pi-Carnegie Mellon
Receiver-Jack Lartigue, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Rhodes
Lineman-Ethan Peterson, M.I.T.-Delta Kappa Epsilon
Lineman-Drew Wert, Theta Chi-Linfield
Lineman-Nathan Cheek, Beta Theta Pi-Carnegie Mellon
Lineman-Elias Damouni, Theta Delta Chi-Union NY
Center-Jordan Robertson, Delta Tau Delta-Baker KS


Lineman-Freddy Dugard, Pi Kappa Alpha-Missouri S&T
Lineman-Ben Lyons, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Willamette
Lineman-Ted Abriel, Theta Chi-R.P.I.
Linebacker-Mike Hendrick, Beta Theta Pi-Knox
Linebacker-Larry DelViscio, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Gettysburg
Linebacker-Tom Puskanich, Pi Kappa Alpha-Trinity TX
Linebacker-Jake Laux, Delta Kappa Epsilon-M.I.T.
Back-Jake Pelton, Kappa Alpha Order-Washington & Lee
Back-Dominick David, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Willamette
Back-Mike Vandermus, Sigma Nu-Albion
Back-Dustin Schuld, Theta Chi-R.P.I.


Field Goals/Extra Points-Jeff Sauer, Phi Gamma Delta-Chicago
Punter-Jeff Sauer, Phi Gamma Delta-Chicago
Returns-Zach Sowder, Pi Kappa Alpha-Georgetown KY

NCAA Divisions II/III Offense Honorable Mention

Quarterbacks-Will Coyne, Sigma Chi-Beloit; John Dodds, Delta Kappa Epsilon-Tufts; Rob Kalkstein, Beta Theta Pi-Carnegie Mellon; Nick Lombardo, Kappa Alpha Order-Washington & Lee; Nyk McKissic, Pi Kappa Alpha-Trinity TX; Drew Seaman, Delta Tau Delta-DePauw; Sean Shelton, Kappa Alpha Order-William Jewell; Mitch Snyder, Phi Gamma Delta-Rose-Hulman
Running Backs-Patrick Blanks, Beta Theta Pi-Carnegie Mellon; Ted Delia, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Gettysburg; Kyle Kovach, Phi Gamma Delta-Rose-Hulman; Luke Sowder, Kappa Alpha Order-Georgetown KY
Receivers-Dustin Armstrong, Phi Gamma Delta-Knox; Bobby Coburn, Delta Tau Delta-DePauw; Reggie Colas, Theta Chi-R.P.I.; Alex Evans, Kappa Alpha Order-Washington & Lee; Justin Grahl, Kappa Alpha Order-Westminster MO; Dillon Hess, Sigma Chi-Beloit; Jake Knecht, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Willamette; Tate Musselman, Sigma Chi-Illinois Wesleyan; Joe Musso, Sigma Chi-Illinois Wesleyan; Sam Vermillyea, Kappa Alpha Order-Birmingham-Southern
Tackles/Guards-Alex Copeland, Beta Theta Pi-Carnegie Mellon; Forrestal Hickman, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Missouri S&T; Derrick Jensen, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Westminster MO; Andrew Rayner, Delta Upsilon-Tufts; Hayden Simonis, Sigma Chi-Beloit; Scot Tipton, Kappa Alpha Order-William Jewell
Center-Bryan Connelly, Beta Theta Pi-Carnegie Mellon; Will Kent, Kappa Alpha Order-Delta State; Jake Sheffer, Delta Kappa Epsilon-Wesleyan; Andrew Spate, Kappa Alpha Order-West Virginia Wesleyan; Brandon Van Zeeland, Delta Tau Delta-Lawrence

NCAA Divisions II/III & NAIA Defense Honorable Mention

Linemen-Charlie Baker, Sigma Chi-Denison; Steve Bora-Beta Theta Pi-Knox; Patrick Dougherty, Pi Kappa Alpha-Georgetown KY; Lloyd Scott-Beta Theta Pi-Knox; Michael McManis, Delta Tau Delta-DePauw; Bill Meille, Theta Delta Chi-Union NY; Tyler Owen, Kappa Alpha Order-William Jewell; Andy Paider, Delta Tau Delta-Lawrence; Nik Powers, Delta Kappa Epsilon-Wesleyan; Russell Spivak, Delta Kappa Epsilon-M.I.T.; Michael Unholz, Kappa Alpha Order-Washington & Lee; Joe Ventresca, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Gettysburg
Linebackers-Connor Beerworth, Theta Delta Chi-Union NY; Akwasi Brefo, Beta Theta Pi-Carnegie Mellon; Mike Byrnes, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Dickinson; Cullen Carroll, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Willamette; Cody Crook, Delta Tau Delta-DePauw; Brian Daley, Theta Delta Chi-Union NY; Mitch Dwenger, Delta Tau- Delta-DePauw; Stephen Ford, Kappa Alpha Order-Texas A&M-Commerce; Will Grumke, Beta Theta Pi-Knox; Sean Harrington, Delta Upsilon-Tufts; Nick Karabin, Beta Theta Pi-Carnegie Mellon; Mike Kraft, Sigma Chi-Illinois Wesleyan; Brett McCarty, Sigma Nu-Albion; Walker McWherter, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Rhodes; Tommy Meade, Delta Upsilon-Tufts; Austin Nelz, Theta Chi-R.P.I.; Derek Orloski, Sigma Nu-Westminster PA; Jack Quinn, Delta Tau Delta-DePauw;
Tyler Sheetz, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Ohio Wesleyan; Jeb White, Pi Kappa Alpha-Millsaps
Backs-Sam Ausloos, Delta Tau Delta-Lawrence; Jack Bissonnette, Kappa Alpha Order-William Jewell; Rhys Borchert, Delta Kappa Epsilon-M.I.T.; Myron Burr, Delta Tau Delta-DePauw; Kevin Calello, Theta Delta Chi-Union NY; Brett Carrigan, Kappa Alpha Order-Westminster MO; Alexander Lum, Beta Theta Pi-Carnegie Mellon; Peter Partee, Kappa Alpha Order-Washington & Lee; Daniel Peters, Theta Delta Chi-Hamilton; Cameron Wagar, Delta Kappa Epsilon-M.I.T.; Murphy Walters, Kappa Alpha Order-University of the South

NCAA Divisions II/III & NAIA Honorable Mention Specialists

Field Goals/Extra Points-Warren Frevert, Kappa Alpha Order-William Jewell; Jimmy Nieman, Sigma Chi-Albion
Punters-Cody Parker, Kappa Alpha Order-Georgetown KY; Josh Repp, Theta Chi-Linfield; Tucker Smith, Beta Theta Pi-Carnegie Mellon; Cameron Sobleski, Sigma Chi-Wabash
Returns-Taylor Wagner, Delta Tau Delta-DePauw

NCAA Divisions II/III & NAIA Honorable Mention Coaches

Monte Cater, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Shepherd
Norm Eash, Sigma Chi-Illinois Wesleyan
Mike Sirianni, Alpha Tau Omega-Washington & Jefferson





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