The leadership of the North-American Interfraternity Conferences 75 member fraternities passed a set of standards that will propel fraternities to be who we say we are. These standards call upon fraternity and campus leadership to create some changes to today's fraternity and asks each member to live to the highest standards of fraternity membership.

These standards are a true partnership opportunity between fraternities and campus communities to raise the bar of the fraternity experience. The 20th century fraternity is no more. The 21st century fraternity will be built upon the solid values of each fraternity and will be a beacon of leadership with the campus educational environment. The standards embrace the common principles shared by all our organizations. Academic success, service and philanthropy within our community, leadership development, and social skill development are the cornerstones of the standards.

The NIC is asking each of you to fully engage in the change process. We need full participation if the implementation of standards is to lead to long term change. Expect challenges to be part of the experience and expect strong support from us as we face these challenges. We are confident that by working together, we will ensure a bright future for the fraternity movement.

As we begin the implementation process, we acknowledge that this will be a time of discovery and exploration. Questions will arise. Concerns will be raised. Success for some ventures, rethinking required for others. The NIC will continue to evaluate the process and make necessary changes to ensure its success.  We look forward to working with you.

The full text of the NIC Standards are available for download in PDF here.

Please visit the NIC Standards site for more information.

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